Finnish Cancer Society: Quitter

Tackling youth smoking with another daily habit

The Finnish Cancer Society is fighting youth smoking. Young people pick up the habit in their teens. The first cigarette you smoke is an act of rebellion and immediately makes you look cool and more socially acceptable. Information is available, but as it is provided by authorities, it is rarely listened to.

In 2010, came up with Quitter, a campaign running on IRC-Gallery, the most popular Finnish social media site at that time. In Quitter the kids would answer a daily question about smoking every day. As a reward, they got credits that could then be used to buy cool gear from the Quitter on-line store. We got all of the gear from companies in exchange for the visibility they got in the store. 

Quitter was a huge success, raking in almost every possible national award that year. 

Role: Concept design, art direction, community management
Agency: hasan & partners