People under 30 don't feel that the church is for them and the church can't talk to them. Yet people under 30 feel that spiritual life and spirituality are important for them. The church wanted to get the channel opened again.


We told the church leaders they should step down from their ivory tower and admit they've made mistakes and they really can't speak to the young people. They should be more humble and ask for help. They should invite community members to develop the church with them so that they can feel like home again in the church.

We suggested the church a tone of voice which was totally something else people were used to. This tone of voice was full of self-irony and ability to laugh at their own mistakes. The prints of the campaign were imaginary "treasures from the archives" – "relaxed" ads to the young generation. They are displays of the church attempting to be "hip" and failing miserably. Also, the film followed the same structure: a church worker wants to "chill out" with young people and tries to talk about Jesus in "a youthful language".


Jesse really digs ya, man.

That didn't quite cut it, did it? As you can see, we here at the church run a bit short of words when talking about love. We are only human after all, just like you. With this awkward attempt we tried to tell you that unconditional love is the greatest thing about faith. It has no demands, it doesn't force you, no matter what you do. You can be just as you are. If this makes any sense to you, come and visit our website

- The Church in Helsinki

What would Jesus do?

We have a natural urge to seek company, acceptance and love. When searching for that right one, we might ask ourselves how many people we have to experience to recognize the one. There is no right answer, but faith gives you strength during the search as well as in a relationship. Faith helps you to understand and accept yourself and others. Relationships are a sensitive matter also for the church. Even as same sex relationships are a part of our community we still don't have a clear opinion on them. So join the conversation, because our tolerance is defined by the members of the church. So drop us a line on our website

- The Church in Helsinki

I can see you hurt inside, tough guy.

"Chatting" with the youth is a bit hard for us, and this guy doesn't attract big audiences either. The issue is still important, even sensitive. Most of us try to protect their true selves by building roles. Faith gives you strength to grow and be yourself. And you don't have to go through that growth alone. Tell us how these issues should be discussed with you. Development discussion is on right now at our website

- The Church in Helsinki

Be religious in your own style!

No more uptight attitude yeah!

We suck a bit in being "laid back", but maybe you got the point. Even though we have spread the gospel in our familiar way – by singing, preaching and sitting in the church – there is no single right way to experience faith. Your style is just as good as anybody else's. Faith is a great combining power, but not all members of our community are interested in concentrating on different traditional rituals. To get our church to the jolly 21st century, we need to get to know to each other. That's why our humble wish is that you could tell us about your natural way of experiencing faith in

- The Church in Helsinki

Double your fun with Jesus

[Text in the comic]

Faith is not meant to be a gives your strength in different situations of life. You can be just as you are...because also in hard times you can lean on faith.

Always in the spirit!


"Street credible" talk to younger folks just doesn't come easily from us, cos in the constantly changing world it's hard to be "in". The issue as such isn't outdated. Faith gives you hope in all situations of life. Faith doesn't require certain way of life, it lives in everyday life even world around us changes. So, umm, we would be happy if you told your opinion on faith and how church should talk about it nowadays. After all, church is what it's members make it. So drop a line in

- The Church in Helsinki

This is what you get, when the Lord brainstorms: Brains you can use for questioning.

We've been looking for a good way to advertise for quite a while now, and it may still need some adjusting. This is our way to say that faith and religion aren't a simple issue. Everybody feels sometimes that faith and intelligence don't fit between the same pair of ears. And it ain't easy. Everybody has to go personally through the questions and thoughts this issue arises. If you need back up for this thinking, you can meet other members of church at

- The Church in Helsinki



Vuoden Huiput (biggest Finnish award show)
* Silver in print 2008
* Silver in online advertising 2008
* Honorary mention for copywriting 2008

Kultajyvä (Best Finnish Print Advertising) award
* Gold / Public Awareness 2008


Role: Concept design, Art Direction
Team: Antti Toivonen, Copywriter; Mikko Torvinen, CD
Agency: TBWA\ Helsinki