DNA: XMas Wish Service

Personal wishes turned into tactical advertising

Christmas is one of the most competed and important seasons in the mobile retail industry. Standing out from the competition is difficult, as everyone trims their margins to the absolute minimum and ad spending is wild. DNA needed to do something differently.

We realized that getting the right presents is a slightly dilemmatic situation; you can either drop subtle hints about what you want (and perhaps not get what you want), or just blurt out what you want, which then kills all excitement. We decided to help the consumers with this.


The campaign kicked off with a stunt. A frenchman from earlier DNA advertising delivered a wife's wish to her husband, live from their home, while the couple was sitting at a movie theater.


DNA Wish service was an online site, where people could select what they want, select a medium of their liking and with a bit of help from their Facebook friends, get their not-so-subtle hint splayed all over outdoor ads, print, banners and TVC's. This lead to advertising that was very tactical, very direct and very different from the competition.

Hand-painted outdoor ads

In addition to regular outdoor ads, we made blank outdoor ads that told our audience that if they wanted the product in the ad, they should go online and wish for it. Later, we filled in the ads by hand with the names and wishes of the people who had wished for the product.


We made a big bunch of TVC's, each listing people who had wished for a certain item. All spots were slightly different, both in visuals and music style. 



The results supported this. The kickoff stunt got over 115 000 views in a week, becoming the fourth most watched YouTube-video in Finland in November. Half of the traffic to the site was organic, generated mostly via FB shares. During the campaign period, the sales went up by 30% from the previous year, which was an X-mas gift DNA really liked. 

Role: Concept Design, Art Direction
Agency: hasan & partners