Karl Fazer: Blue Melody Building

Mobile-controlled brand experience of light and sound

Karl Fazer is a Finnish brand of high quality chocolate. Their crown jewel is the eponymous chocolate bar wrapped in blue, that the nation lovingly calls Fazer Blue. Their advertising is about the good moments in life. This time around we wanted to give the consumers a good moment. 

The client had partnered with an urban music and arts festival. They wanted to do something over the two day period. The problem was, they were not the only ones out to catch the consumers' attention.

To make something magical, something people could engage with and something people could enjoy even if they wouldn't actively participate, we created the Blue Melody Building. We rigged the iconic facade of Fazer cafe with lights and invited people to participate and play the street blue.

The audience was presented with a music stand and instructions to use their phones. They were presented with a set of piano keys and instructions on how to play the Fazer theme on their phones. Every correct note lit more lights onto the facade and the melody could be heard over the speakers installed on site. The event was documented and spread onto social media.

Role: Concept design, Art Direction, UI, Lighting design
Agency: hasan & partners