Plan: Girls Can

Online social fundraising done friend to friend

Plan Finland was facing a problem. The legislation was changed and became stricter on how the money collected could be used. As most of their fundraising was coming from sponsors, this money was earmarked for a specific child and thus not available for use in other projects. What they needed was general donations and a lot of them.

We came up with Girls Can, a new platform for fundraising. We aim to re-invent fundraising in everything we do. We started using iPhone-enabled credit card donations for events via iZettle. We changed the way fundraising was talked about. We built a site for social fundraising. 

The site, Girls Can, is the focal point of the initiative. On the site, anyone in the world can start their own can of coins. This can can then be passed on from friend to friend via Facebook connections. The can functions like a real can, in the sense that only one person at a time can be in possession of a can. By limiting who can donate and when, we actually made donations more interesting. 

Role: Concept design, art direction, copywriting
Agency: hasan & partners