Plan: Girls' Day Printer

Making the audience pay for words they wouldn't normally read

Globally there are 65 million girls who have to fight for their education. Every year, Plan releases a global report on their status and the problems they face. It is an important report, but not very interesting to the greater public. We were approached by Plan Finland, who wanted both to bring visibility to the report, but also to gather funds. How to make a very dry report gain movement in social media?

We started thinking if it would be possible to make the contents of the report so interesting, that people would pay for them? 

We decided to publish the report one word at a time, with the help of our audience. We built an installation in a public space, where a printer churned out a piece of the report every time one of our audience tweeted, shared the site or donated money. The donations were possible through SMS or through the website. On the website people could see the printer printing in real time. 

The installation was promoted with a small burst of print and online advertising.

Role: Concept design, set design, art direction, copywriting, photography and retouching (print)
Agency: hasan & partners