how to get people to spend ridiculous amounts of time in an ad

During their summer vacation, Finnish people make a trip south, to Mediterranean shores. Our client, Tallink, operates shuttle ferries between Helsinki and Tallinn, six times a day. Tallinn is just two hours away and not really considered a viable option for a summer holiday. Our insight for the summer campaign was to talk about the trip to Tallinn as a trip south. 

To teach our audience about the six daily departures, we built a banner that went live on leading news sites, six times a day, at the time of the Tallink Shuttle departures. People had a chance to win free tickets, just by being present (i.e. having their cursor) in the banner at the time of the ship's actual departure.

The banner displayed all the cursors present in real time (this was later on limited to 300 at a time for clarity). The cursors were kept occupied by giving them things to do during the wait. If people left the banner, they were urged to return and remain in the race. This, and the way the banner was built, led to an engagement rate of 24%, with an average of 2'30" spent in the banner.

The campaign increased sales +20% from the previous year. 

 The banner user flow and mechanics.

The banner user flow and mechanics.

Role: In this case I was working as a Senior Creative, overseeing a junior team. My role was to help them create and select ideas and insights. For the banner, I was working as the lead creative, planning out the UX and the logic behind the banner.
Agency: hasan & partners